Top 13 Cafes That Serve Tater Tots


Tater tots, lovingly called potato gems by Ozies, potato royals or potato pom-poms. Whatever you call them, they are frickin’ delish.  Just in America alone, 70 million pounds of tater tots are consumed each year. They are crispy and crunchy on the outside while creamy and soft on the inside. Just like me!

I’ve seen them served as tater nachos (I know! Stop it), dipped in sauce, cheese heavy casseroles, and even as pizzas. All little people and big kids love them. Once you’ve tried them you will never want to eat anything else again.

We know you want to experience them and so we have compiled a list of Melbourne cafes that serve these gems as either a main course or side dishes.


1) Archie’s All Day: (Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne)

Archie’s All Day is one of the top cafes located on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy area. It is trendy, modern, lit and a classy establishment. Upon entering the cafe you are immediately greeted by a coffee bar. Explore further and you come across a wall dividing cafe into booths and rooms. Comfortable booths with artistic decoration give the place an upbeat and relaxed look. Staff is highly courteous and charming, though be warned, the place is very popular and mostly packed with people.

Potato royals are served with their main breakfast delight Huevos Suclos. It is an appetizing and mouth watering combination of tots, avocado, jalapeno spiked Moterrey Jack, tomato salsa, black beans and fried eggs dipped in Chipotle Mayo. Iconic location, courteous staff, and an amazingly huge menu set Archie’s apart as a cafe.


2) Rockwell and Sons: (288 Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne)

To leave Rockwell and Sons out, while reviewing Melbourne cafes would be a sin. It simply deserves to be on this list because of its Australian fare; American and European culinary delights. Featuring outdoor seating, upbeat music, full bar, communal table and a relaxing atmosphere; Rockwell and Sons is easily any foodie’s paradise.

Its famous dishes include lamb ribs, pork crackles, devilled eggs, fried chicken, and the amazing Double Patty Bacon Smash Burger. Served only on Wednesdays, it comes with a soft bun filled with double beef patty, sauce and Kraft cheese. To top it off as a side dish you can order their Tater Tots with Kombu Mayo and Togarashi. A definitely recommended and must visit place.


3) The Boatbuilders Yard: (South Wharf Promenade, Melbourne)

Situated just near Melbourne’s convention center this place caters to every age group. Enjoy beverages on a sunny afternoon or a warm night as you gaze at the river. Yard offers many delights in form of nightlife, waterfront, veggy lovers’ menu, expansive bar, walkway and outdoor seating, wifi and much more.
To complement the ambiance, food is excellent with European cuisines and traditional Australian barbecue. Our favorite potatoes get served with Chipotle Mayo, jack cheese and salsa criolla. Other yummy foods include Angus burger and Fish N Chips.


4) Daniel Son Cafe: (Neerim Road, HughesDale and Murrumbeena, Melbourne)

A nice little suburban cafe with charming staff, dazzling decor, great breakfast menu and warming coffees, Daniel Son is a wonderful spot for casual breakfast and takeaway among Melbourne cafes. As a bonus it also offers outdoor seating, vegetarian friendly dishes, and kids area.

Its savoury menu includes corn fritters, breakfast burger, rambo burger, croissant, chai and simple ketchup sprinkled potato pom-poms.

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5) 8bit (Footscary, Melbourne)

8bit is one of the best burger, hotdog, fries and shakes place in Footscray suburb. While checking out top cafes that offer potato gems this place is definitely recommended. Main delight of this place is the comprehensive list of American burgers and hotdogs.

If you are feeling ambitious try out their Double Dragon, which has Double Beef, Double Cheese and Double Bacon complimented with their special 8bit sauce. Other mouthwatering burgers include Zelda, Golden Axe, and After Burner.


6) Easey Melbourne (Easey Street, Collingwood, Melbourne)

This is included in our top cafes list simply because of how amazing unique it is. Basically, you get to eat in a remodeled train located 5 stories high on top of a building! The coolness alone makes it a great place but the food is pretty decent as well.

You get their special Sausage and Egg Sanga, Rowdy Double Cheeseburger and Changz Chicken Sanga. Of course no menu can be complete without potato royals and they offer them as either Mac N Cheese or beer battered.


7) Royal Stacks (Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne)

Royal Stacks is another great spot for all the Burger lovers out there. It serves Halal menu and delightful new frozen custard flavours. Burgers are good, and it is advised to try out tots with their brilliant cheese sauce.

Over all cool decors, a comprehensive menu, friendly staff, halal food, polished concrete floors and fantastic ambiance gets this place a spot in our Top Melbourne cafes list. The only downside is the bacon, which does not taste as great as the American flavour.


8) The Penny Drop (Whitehorse Road, Boxhill, Melbourne)

Drop some pennies and enjoy mouth-watering food at The Penny Drop. The place is unique, well lit, upbeat with stylish modern look. Staff is highly courteous and the establishment offers a fine variety of dishes not served in the other cafes. From Wild Mushroom to Pork Knuckle, Hotcake to Potato Waffles, Tater tots to Smoked Salmon; this place offers them all.

Best part? It is reliable, cheap and you will get a fulfilling a meal. It definitely deserves a spot in our top cafes list.


9) Mad Patties (Tunstall Square, Doncaster East, Melbourne)

A new establishment, this is another great place for all the Burger lovers. A popular item on the menu is Mad Lot Burger with Golden Gems as a side dish. The Mad Lot Burger provides a combination of beef, bacon, pineapple, cheese, lettuce, egg and sweet mayo. If you are around Doncaster area, then this place is definitely worth visiting.


10) Good Heavens (Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne)

Located just above Fancy Hank’s, Good Heavens is a new rooftop bar in Melbourne city. However even though it is new, this place does not disappoint in the least bit. It offers a great skyline view and offers whiskeys, red wine, white wine, rum and cocktails from literally all over the world.

To sweeten the deal, their snacks are not bad either. Enjoy mouth-watering BBQ fries, nachos, oysters and loaded taters as you wait for the drinks to arrive.


11) Leonard’s House of Love (Wilson Street, South Yarra, Melbourne)

Fall in love as you visit this bar and burger place. This place specializes in delicious dripping double cheese burgers. Chicken Tenders with hot chipotle sauce is another delicacy. Leonard’s has an eclectic style with a 70’s feeling; an ever efficient staff will make sure you do not have to wait for long.

Extras are pretty sweet as well; you get to have jalapenos, potato gems, bacon, onion rings and hot glaze. Be sure to check this place for a wonderful evening.


12) Sugar Skulls (Alexander Road, Flemington, Melbourne)

Sugar Skulls serve exceptional Mexican styled tacos, which is their unique selling point among other Melbourne cafes. Corn fritter taco, Calamari taco, pork taco and chicken taco are some of the favourite options. That is not all, you can also enjoy delicious guacamole, potato royals or cob of corn as your extras.

If you want some delectable tacos at a cool affordable menu, then you will not be disappointed by Sugar Skulls.


13) Burger Basement (Pascoe Street, Pascoe Vale, Melbourne)

If you are in Pascoe Vale area then you should definitely check out this noteworthy burger place. With a comprehensive menu of Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Veggie burger, Burger Basement caters to all age groups and taste buds.

The Mediterranean and Peri-Peri Salad, along with Seasoned Wedges, Hot Chips and our favorite potato pom-poms further enhance the experience.


Final Verdict

This concludes our top cafes list that is actively serving Tots and much more. These Melbourne cafes are all classy establishments but our personal recommendation is Archie’s All Day. We hope you have a delightful, potato-y experience!


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