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Using our 8 key indicators we’ll help you get a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your hospitality or retail business. By looking at Behavioural Analytics, Potential Customer and Competitor Analysis, Efficiency Optimisation, Systems Consultation, Strategic Shift Management, Operations, Business Planning and Training; Lumin will lift sales, improve staff performance, increase customer satisfaction and maximise profit.

  • Unnecessary distractions impact sales as staff are either too busy to serve, too exhausted to care, or too stressed to pay attention. We identify and remove any parts of the daily processes that disrupt your staff’s ability to focus on customers or cause hold-ups in your process.
  • Slow or outdated Point of Sale systems can literally cost you sales. An up-to-date POS system will let you have faster transactions, higher order accuracy, in-depth analytics and less staff confusion. It can ensure pleasant customer experiences when placing orders and paying bills. We have knowledge of several POS systems, and make recommendations depending on your needs.
  • Defining and documenting operations is vital to business. Staff performance suffers if procedures, policies or expectations are not clear. Making operational materials readily available to staff means they’ll have the tools to perform their best. We can provide detailed operations manuals for your business.
  • Lumin looks at the behaviours of staff and customers from a psychological perspective. By evaluating how staff and customers interact, we can determine which aspects of the business are affecting your sales – and by how much.
  • At Lumin, we don’t just assess your business performance internally; we also look at it externally. We look at how the street is performing with foot traffic, where people are coming from and more importantly where they are primarily going. From this we learn about where your customer base comes from, untapped markets and your major competitors. Once we have worked out who your major competitors are, we run a multi-faceted investigation into their similarities and differences and help you get the edge. We’ll discover your business’ potential peak performance and show you how to reach it.
  • For smooth daily operation, information must be passed from one shift to the next so that all tasks can be completed. Lumin offers strategies for shift management, accompanied with tools to aid in structuring shifts – ensuring that nothing is left to chance. We also provide advanced techniques for staff roles to better maximise efficiency, teamwork and to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Staff training is one of the most important aspects of running a hospitality or retail service business. This is where Lumin shines. We understand the best (and the worst) ways to train staff based on psychological principles. Exceptional staff training means faster learning curves, high quality and consistent customer service and increased productivity. Lumin offers on-premises training for staff, managers and owners. All training comes complete with training templates, follow-up tools and training strategies.

Lumin consulting offers a customised, tailored solution to match your needs. We specialise in many aspects of owning and operating businesses in the retail and hospitality industry. No matter your requirement, Lumin will help you shine.

Lumin are the café business consulting experts. We can help you change your company culture to build stronger, happier teams and get more customers through the door. We’ll perform in-depth analysis of your business, your customers, your potential business and your market share. You’ll have more customers, spending more money and coming back more often.
Need help with menu design, staff training or shift strategy? Want better systems so you can focus on what you love? Lumin provides customised solutions to help your bar or club.
Lumin can help you with business planning, strategic shift management and systems so you can focus of providing great food and service, improving table turnover and increasing takings. We can provide a comprehensive tailored solution to help you maximise your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.
Want advice on improving service and efficiency to increase customer spend, transaction speed and stock management? We help with wages, accounting solutions. POS systems, operations and training manuals and more.
Lumin provides customised business solutions – we can help you with any of the aspects above and more. We help find ways to enhance and grow your business and improve overall efficiency. Starting a new business and need a business plan? Want to improve your business’ value to sell for a better price? Lumin can help.
Lumin provides customised business solutions – we can help you with any of the aspects above and more. We help find ways to enhance and grow your business and improve overall efficiency. Starting a new business and need a business plan? Want to improve your business’ value to sell for a better price? Lumin can help.

Customised Service

As every business is different, we aim to customise our services to fit your business and your goals. We’ll find and enhance your business’ strengths, as well as locating then providing solutions to weaknesses.

Step 1 – Initial consultation
We’ll meet to discuss your needs and the level of service you require and then Lumin will provide a quote for your tailored business solution.
Step 2 – Research
We’ll analyse your customers, operation, staff and systems using our 7 key indicators and researched psychological principles.
Step 3 – Present findings
We’ll report back to you with a comprehensive analysis and show you how you can enhance your strengths and fix your weaknesses.
Step 4 – Your Solution
Lumin will help you activate your business solution. We’ll help you implement change, train you and your staff in new systems and behaviours, provide comprehensive operations manuals and give you the tools to turn your business around.
Step 5 – Shine your Brightest
You’re on your own. Achieve your goals and shine your brightest!


We have a unique story with each client.