How to Improve Decision Making in the Hotel & Accommodation Industry


Today’s accommodation business is far more complex than it has ever been before. The competition is tough with many new players entering the industry, each with a different service and solution to offer. To face the competitive market challenges, the hotel & accommodation professionals now need to focus more on technology solutions for their decision making. According to industry market experts, technology is an important component of today’s business culture. From marketing to upgrading the guest experience, technology can help businesses obtain a competitive advantage.

Let us have a brief look into how technology is changing the entire hotel business market:


Consumer Sections

Every business has its consumer section and it’s extremely vital to target the effective consumers in order to deliver a better service. From five-star and boutique properties to budget hotels, every business must consider segmenting their guests first. While budget travellers always look for accommodation units with cheaper price, business and luxury travellers give more emphasis on a pleasant experience. Technology helps hotels catalogue their consumers and offer services according to the requirements.


Greater Reach

Online marketing is the most influential marketing method in the modern time. Whether you are new to business or have an established organisation, a visible digital imprint should be a primary focus for your business to flourish. For example, if you have a boutique hotel in New York City and want to target the international travellers, you can easily reach them through e-mail campaigns, PPC campaigns and several other marketing tools.


Internet Booking Engine

A revolution occurred in the hotel business when online hotel booking engines appeared in the market. With it, the consumers get the privilege to choose and book their accommodation online. On the other hand, it makes the entire data management process easy and error free to a greater extent. As it automates the entire booking system, the business owners also enjoy greater revenue margin with fewer operational costs.


Social Media Marketing

Different international consumer surveys show that recommendations from friends and relatives work as a great influence on the decision-making process of the travellers. In social media platforms people share their holiday experiences and also suggest these to their friends; as a result, accommodation units get better business.


Hotel Internet

To earn good revenue margins, hotel units often look for ancillary products and services. Hotel internet comes under the most important ancillary services that today’s consumers look for while making their reservation. Today most hotels offer Wi-Fi hotspots for rent so guests can connect wherever they go. This increases guests’ satisfaction level and also facilitates referral business.


An integration of technology with established & new services help hotels to cope with today’s highly competitive arena. While most of the hotels still have low usage of technology to serve the needs of the guests, a good number of others are using the modern technology tools and consistently creating their brand value in the market. Hotel booking engine, hospitality management systems, etc. are some of the most useful tools that help earn greater benefit with minimal cost and effort.  In fact targeting customers with catchy taglines and rich media increases chances of being booked.


70% travellers admit the quality of hotel’s website or mobile apps has a strong impact on their decision to book.


Moreover customers often feel the digital offerings reflect what the experience will be like at the hotel itself. Grabbing a customer’s attention by engaging them with the attractive images and catchy tag lines will serve the business better.

Nowadays many hotels and restaurants are following the predictive analysis in order to deliver an unobtrusive personal experience for their customers. Collect the customer’s data, become better acquainted with the customer, and find out how to cater to them personally. Beyond this, some hoteliers are also following predictive analysis for price forecasting to attract more customers.

Apart from visual content, make sure to add an excellent customer service. Tell your customer segments about your services, facilities, benefits and in-house dining service. If you are providing Nespresso machines, then make sure to clearly state this in the room facilities description. Many travellers research and make decisions based on amenities. So add detailed descriptions about your service because this might be the deciding factor, whether to book with your hotel or to search a competitor’s site.

Despite the fact that hotels have multiple channels for up-selling and cross-selling room vacancies, they should manage their presence on these channels intelligently. In the end, a hotel owner must remember that the brand’s own website and booking engine can greatly control both image and positioning alongside rates and margins.

Furthermore, online reputation management tools help hotels achieve results by spreading the right word, at the right time, in the right place. Thus, hoteliers must prepare themselves ahead of time to handle online criticism. Though the impact of one or two complaints can be greatly reduced, tactical hotel online reputation management solutions can help transmit effective responses rapidly for minimal financial cost.


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