Funny Cafe Names – Best & Worst Cafe Names


It seems as though the great Australian milk bars that were situated on every block, have now been transformed into the street’s next breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, or evening destination.  Due to the rapid increase of competition for patrons’ attention, and taste buds, one of the ways to focus them on you is by simply getting creative with the name. Check out some of the most attention-grabbing names from around the country, and what they have to offer. We’ll let you decide what’s best, and what’s for the orse of these (mostly) funny cafe names.


Top 10 Best Cafe Names

Mad Fo Chicks
At first glance, the name appears like “mad for chicks. Perhaps suggesting that it’s the place to go with your gal pals, or simply just a place for women to eat and feel great. However, the owners of the restaurant had something else in mind. The Korean eatery is actually perfect for kids. The owners intended it to be family friendly, suggesting this by referring to baby chickens. If you feel like some great Korean chicken, chick it out. Bok bok.



The Middle Feast
Fitting, and rather self-explanatory for a restaurant that serves mouthwatering Lebanese cuisine meals. Its name is derived from the Middle East, the origin of the owners and the various meals they prepare.The restaurant is located in the middle of Merrylands (west of Sydney) where many people of Lebanese background reside. Aptly named, aptly delicious.



Lucky Coq
Upon reading the name in your head, you’re in the clear. It’s when your mum asks where you’re going for dinner that your answer might inspire a confused reaction. But the pizzas offer no reaction but salivation, and not to mention the weekly live music and comedy.



Bimbo Deluxe
If the name doesn’t catch your eye, the $4 pizzas will. And the ridiculously cheap drink prices, the leather couches, Friday night RnB room and upstairs outdoor courtyard covered in fairy lights. Yes, yes and yes.



The Flying Cock;
Another questionable answer to mum’s question of where you’re headed. But this one literally refers to a flying cock or male chicken. Lots of menu options to do with chickens and cocktails-a-plenty.



With a name that sounds like the horn of a small Volkswagen, it’s hard to know what to expect. But rest assured the contemporary European styled restaurant in Victoria is ridiculously popular. It even has a chandelier. 



Thai The Knot
A very punny name that perhaps begs for a wedding reception, it’s definitely a Thai restaurant in Maroubra Sydney. We’re not entirely sure whether it’s still running. Let’s hope any knots that were tied there are still well intertwined.



Thai Foon
Another good Thai pun, the restaurant offers some of Sydney’s best views of Darling Harbour and an extensive menu or Thai delicacies.



Cha Cha Char
Not a dance venue, but a wine bar and grill in Brisbane. Another epic location, boasting waterfront views and delicious meat dishes. Cha Cha Char your way down to Brissy’s signature steakhouse.



Pie and Mighty

A good drive out of Melbourne’s CBD, but the prize when you get there is a great little pie shop with a great name. And pies. Lot of pies.



Top 5 Worst Names

Doody Bird Café
Recently name-changed to the Loveat (also quite the clever name), Doody is a slang term for well, something that rhymes with loo. But we don’t think the name had anything to do with the quality of its food, rather the street the little suburban cafe resides on; Doody St in Alexandria.



A Salt & Battery
Say it quickly and someone might lead you in the direction of the local police station instead of the fish & chip shop in Brisbane. The owners reassure that the battering is just that on the fresh fish they serve in their popular fish & chippery.



Some consider the title of ‘wog’ derogatory, not the owners of Woggies. ‘Wog’ is often used to describe people of European backgrounds, but ‘Woggies’ has simply become synonymous in Toowoomba with the restaurant which is decked in Italian memorabilia, and serves all the things you’d expect from a real Italian eatery.



Tequila Mockingbird
A play on the title of Harper Lee’s famous novel; To Kill a Mockingbird, the restaurant bar offers Mexican and Argentinian inspired cuisine, and not to mention; tequila.



Thai Tanic
We’ve noticed Aussies have gotten good at the puns, this one’s no exception. You won’t find Jack or Rose, but the Five Stars Thai Tanic chain offers dining-in, takeaway and even catering.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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