What Constitutes Great Customer Service?


Building good relationships with your clients and customers is the most important aspect to providing good customer service. Promoting a friendly and helpful environment as well as thanking the customer will create a great impression upon them. So, what constitutes great customer service?

Great customer service also implies helping customers efficiently. It is important your customers are satisfied and that you handle issues for them. A business can differentiate itself from its competitors by providing great customer service.

In order to ensure that your company provides great customer service you need to:

• Take the time to find what your customers’ expectations are
• Know what good customer service means for your customers
• Ensure that you provide customer service throughout all your business aspects
• Follow up on feedback you receive
• Look continuously for how you can improve the customer service level

The elements of great customer service are:

Customer Relationships

In order to build great customer relationships you have to:

• Approach customers and greet them in a neutral way that fits the individual situation
• Show your customers that you understand their needs
• Accept that not everyone will want your products and concentrate only on those who do
• Help customers
• Keep customers aware of the advantages of doing business with your company.


• All your staff need good sales and communication skills in order to provide great customer service


• You have to listen to customer complaints and let them know that you appreciate their feedback.
• Overcome objections by confirming the validity of each concern and offering a solution.


• You need to know your products well; their brand identities, prices and place of manufacture. This can build customers’ confidence.
• Turn your products’ features into customers’ benefits.

Top Tips For Giving Customers Great Customer Service

Here are some tips on how to provide your customers a great customer service:

1. Listen

Listening is one of the most important skills in customer service. You must allow your customers to interact with your brand, give you feedback about your products and services, and tell you how to improve your service offering. Your business should not assume anything and let your customers express their needs and concerns. Make it easy for your customers to interact with your business and give them channels of communication. Investing actively in feedback processes is one of the sure ways to win the best customers. Listening to your customers’ concerns opens opportunities for change across all your business, product and marketing strategies.

2. Get Customer Feedback

Collecting feedback from your customers does not consist only in sending out surveys about your products and services. This also involves encouraging your customers to make suggestions regarding your products and services. When it comes to feedback, you have to be proactive and start more conversations.

3. Anticipate Customers’ Needs

Anticipating customer needs and behaviour is an important skill to master. Your customer support team should spend time learning what your customers really need and want. Mobile applications allow brands to learn more about customer’s behaviour. Brands should learn how to use big data to understand their customers by building richer profiles. You can impress and delight your customers by demonstrating that your brand actually knows them.

4. Learn To Say No
There some customers that want you to do the impossible. Like with any other unreasonable request, you have the absolute right to turn it down should you feel it is beyond your capabilities. Though there is a saying that the customer is king, even kings cannot walk on water, much as they would like to. The customer may get upset at this but remember, a firm “No” means “No”.

5. Know Your Customers

It is important that you take the time to understand your customers’ needs and wants. This can in turn help you tailor your goods and services to meet those specific needs.

6. Trust Your Customers

In order to focus on the long term and build customer loyalty you need to trust your customers. When you trust them, your customers are likely to trust you back.

7. Say “Yes”

If a customer comes with a reasonable request you have to strive to accommodate them. Getting a “yes” is important from a customer’s perspective. This induces positive feelings and will go a long way with most customers, as it gives a sense that the brand is invested in helping them out.

8. Validate Customer Concerns

Try not to put your customers on the defensive or argue with them. You have to do anything possible to understand your customers’ frustration when a disagreement arises, and figure out a way to help them. The first step in fixing the problem is showing that you see how they feel.

9. Give More Than Expected

You are likely to gain lifelong customers if you always give more than they expected. This customer service model is opening the door to build trust and loyalty.

10. Make Your Customer Feel Appreciated

When you appreciate your customer’s time, feedback, and business as well as treat every customer as a person, your customers will feel appreciated. This will ensure that your company is delivering an exceptional customer experience. Customers who feel appreciated are likely to become loyal to your brand.


Five Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Service


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