Lumin is a hospitality and retail service consultancy with a difference.

We provide insight into your business using our 8 key indicators. We find and enhance the strengths of your business as well as creating solutions for the weaknesses. We do this by applying researched psychological principles to both staff and customer behavior. At Lumin we want to help you reach your full potential and shine your brightest.

 Shine Your Brightest
with Lumin


The Lumin hospitality consultant strategy uses 8 key indicators

We will help you get a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your hospitality or retail business. By looking at Behavioural Analytics, Potential Customers and Competitors, Efficiency Optimisation, Systems Consultation, Strategic Shift Management, Operations, Business Planning and Training; Lumin will lift sales, improve staff performance, increase customer satisfaction and maximise profit.

Efficiency Optimisation
Systems Consultation
Behavioural Analysis
Strategic Shift Management
Potential Customer and Competitor Analysis
Business Planning

Lumin consulting offers a customised, tailored solution to match your needs. We specialise in many aspects of owning and operating businesses in the retail and hospitality industry. No matter your requirement, Lumin will help you shine your brightest.


No time to grow the business
Are you finding that the day is over before it has even begun? If you’re spending the day just ‘running’ the business, we’ll improve your business’ efficiency and give you more time (and energy) to focus on growth and to do the things you love.
Can’t effectively manage staff
Do staff turn up late? Not doing what they are being asked? They can’t be left alone to work without your supervision? Or even stealing? We understand the reasons that underpin bad staff behaviour and can ensure that your staff are highly motivated, enthusiastic and happy to perform at their best… even when you are not there.
Poor service is affecting sales and repeat customers
Have you noticed your staff don’t pay enough attention to customers? Maybe they’re walking out before anyone has served them, or they just never come back? Lumin provides high-level training and motivation techniques that brings the focus back onto your customers.
Your café is running smoothly but the business side isn’t
You have great hospitality skills. Your coffee is great. Your food is great. Your staff are happy and productive. But the business side is causing you headaches. Lumin can structure the backend of your business, your accounting, stock taking, wages and streamline all business processes.
You’re not making enough profit.
Still not making profit despite all the hours and energy you put into your business? There are many factors that can make a business profitable – not just the amount of sales that you make. We help you manage costs, wastage, budgets, wages and sales targets to get your business on track and making money.

Billi’s Café and Burger Bar, NSW

My café was empty and my sales were low. My staff kept telling me the street was dead, but the other cafés on the strip were full. Lumin investigated customer behaviour and calculated the number of customers walking past my café and my potential market share. They provided detailed analysis, profiled potential customers and provided a strategy to bring them in. With Lumin’s help sales grew about 25% within a few weeks.

Ampersand Café and Bookstore, NSW

Staff morale was low and my overall sales were suffering. Staff often turned up late and there seemed to be a lot of sick days and shift swapping. We were often understaffed during the important times and even my good staff were caring less and less. Staff turnover was high but I couldn’t seem to find good new workers either. Lumin provided us with several simple and easy-to-manage solutions; ensuring that staff were held accountable for their negative actions, and more importantly, rewarded for the good ones. Shifts became easier to manage, staff morale improved, everyone started working harder and staff turnover dropped significantly.

Matthew Banhidi
Inscape Horticultural, VIC

My sales were low and customers often wouldn’t come back. There were a lot of mistakes with orders and transactions were really slow. I know that my ticketing and transaction system was slow and outdated, but I couldn’t afford one of those new POS systems. Using unique calculation tools, Lumin showed me a customised solution that meant that my new POS system was easy to afford. It’s already paid for itself and even increased my overall profit on the year!